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The Mustone Family 
Declan, Nevin, Tim Rowan, Cullen, Quinn, Teagan and Mea

With your support, I have now served three terms as a school committee member.  While many of our goals have been achieved, much work remains. During my time on the School Committee, we have addressed important academic issues relevant to all MPS parents: a new elementary science curriculum, a new middle school Math curriculum, math coaches, Kindergarten aides in every school, and the implementation of a new dyslexia screening.

My agenda going forward is defined by the many hours I have spent talking with parents at my kitchen table, the grocery store, school plays, and other places throughout the city.  The list of areas in need of improvement is long. We have discussed reforms around Styrofoam tray usage, the length of recess, food insecurity, and free breakfast for all.  I have heard concerns with regards to security, buildings and grounds maintenance, the sex education curriculum, cursive writing instruction, and our cafeteria food options.  Parents have asked me about the concussion protocol employed by our sports teams; bus issues (including overcrowded buses, the location of bus stops, and the schedules of middle schools late buses); the amount of homework for K-2 students; eye exams; and snow days.  I know that we have to improve communication with parents, SPED services, STEM activities, MCAS results, the middle school placement process, the water sampling of school buildings, our summer reading options, and the use of the outdoor spaces at the high school.  I have been able to seek out answers, updates, information, and improvements in some of these areas from Medford Public Schools leadership and staff.  The answer wasn’t always the one that we hoped for but we have shined a light on parents’ concerns and will continue the conversation.


I have used my tenure on the School Committee to be a voice for MPS parents.  I ask now for your continued support.  Please join me in investing in our schools and committing ourselves to a future where every child receives a caring, safe and challenging educational experience. 


I encourage you to get in touch with me
via email at meamustone@yahoo.com, or by phone 781-391-5909

If you would like to make a donation 
toward my re-election please click the button below! 

 My name is Mea Quinn Mustone, and I am announcing my candidacy to continue to serve as a member of the Medford School Committee. My husband, Tim, and I are the parents of six children (Quinn 18, Teagan 16, Cullen 15, Nevin 13, Rowan 12, and Declan, 8).  In the fall of 2021, I will have one child attending Medford High School, two attending the Andrews Middle School, and one attending the Roberts Elementary School. I am a lifelong resident of Medford and I proudly and humbly ask for your vote in my reelection bid. My work for a more engaging school experience that serves the needs of Medford’s kids is not yet done.

Everyone Loves A Parade!
Everyone Loves A Parade!

Marching down Main Street to celebrate the city of Medford's 385th Anniversary.

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Loyal Supporters!
Loyal Supporters!

This wonderful group of people helped me attain a seat on the Medford School Committee. I am so thankful to each and every one of them.

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Everyone Loves A Parade!
Everyone Loves A Parade!

Marching down Main Street to celebrate the city of Medford's 385th Anniversary.

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Lobby for full time aides in every kindergarten classroom
Implement student-centered approaches to education
Support music & arts programming in all schools
for all your


Address bus routes and needs
Monitor class sizes and work to keep them manageable
Care for and maintain school buildings and grounds


Make services easily accessible to all families
Support teacher development
Work with the City Council & School Superintendent to create 
a fair and balanced budget